This is why you need a Vlogger!

As a marketer or business owner, you should know that video is the be all and end all content asset for advertising and promotions right now.

You can portray your brand easily and quickly to customers, and if you do it well it can increase sales and inquiries almost instantly.

The downfalls in video content are that it’s expensive to make and it takes a significant amount of time to produce and plan.

Until now, the age of the Vlogger/Videographer Ninja. Young creatives who grew up editing and creating their stories on a daily basis. Quick, lean and to a high quality; perfect for today’s ever changing market.

So what? How can I use them.

It’s simple, hiring a Vlogger or Video Ninja for a day a month or week can increase your sales, brand awareness, brand value and can also act as a measurement of how engaged your target demographic is with your brand.


Here are some simple videos you could be making with your Vlogger/Video Ninja in one or two days;

Weekly Interviews

Interview staff about your company or products, this will give customers and insight into the passion behind the team.

Not surprising, Apple does it really well:

CEO for the day

A Video Ninja will shadow your CEO for the day to understand their role better and capture the true essence of their personality.

*this also is engaging for staff

Gary Vaynerchuck does this very well in his vlog #dailyvee:

Attract Talent

Tell the story or your recruitment process or grad program to attract the best talent in your industry.

Google does this well:

Hands on Review

Make reviews of all of your products, which can be included on your website to add credibility.

Marques Brownlee does this extremely well and has built a massive youtube following doing so:

Public Reviews

Go out and interact with the public, watch them interact with your product and ask for reviews. this might also gather important qualitative research data that your company might need to see)

This might also gather important qualitative research data!

Show your history

Explore the history of your business on video! It’s some of the best content you can create for customers, especially if you have a fun story to tell.

Watch Airbnb kill it in this video:

All of these stories can be told in a short amount of time if you have the right plan and talent.

So what are you waiting for, go out and start telling stories, customers love authenticity. investing in a Vlogger or Video Ninja today before everyone else snaps up all of the

Investing in a Vlogger or Video Ninja today before everyone else snaps up all of the talent!

DO you want to hire a Vlog Ninja?

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